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A True Story

Once upon a time in a far away land,

A preacher named Naa was strolling about the trees and flowers.

“Hello my Friend,” said a pastor to be!

“What brings you out under these flowers and trees?”

“Just strolling about the  flowers and trees, heading to class over yonder seminary” came the  reply.

“Hey by the way, preaching an evangelistic series, have you ever tried?”

“Yes siree, but only a few” the Pastor to Be replied!

“I’ve been praying something evangelistic might open up.”

“Tis your blessed day for the Good Lord did just fill your cup!”

“I’ve gotta preach in Virginia, but out of this land I’ll be,  into a land of foreign name.”

“Ahh!  Was quick the answer came!

“I’m amazed the day was a week after I prayed the same.”


So to Virginia as a replacement, the Pastor to Be went.

For to preach a sixteen day evangelistic series was he sent.

There he met a man, a Worker of Holy Writ.

“We’ve been working from dusk till dawn,”

“Several months before you came along.”

“We have a crew and a grand ole tent.”

“You think you can preach and lead them to repent?”

“Not I but Christ,” said the Pastor To Be.

“We must lift up Jesus before their eyes for them to see.”

“Amen, Amen, the Worker went.”

“We’ll call ‘em in so they can see Jesus and repent.”


On a certain day as one of the meetings closed,

A Fijian princess, comely and fair, swiftly arose.

And out the door before the Pastor could know!

Where did she go in such a hurry?

Perhaps to catch a ride he supposed.

Or perhaps to veil the attraction, she would later expose…


A few days later in Orange they met.

At the home  of a Stylist of Hair and the Worker of Holy Writ.

The Fijian princess, Selina or “Lucy” by name,

Along with some friends from Hartland, she came…

To the house of the Stylist of Hair and the Worker of Holy Writ.

Many a delightful laughs they had about,

Things like eating, tennis, and working out!

“But wherein,” you say…

“Would one laugh about a silly thing like eating, tennis, and working out?”


Hear, hear, the story goes:

After visitation on one fine day,

Of those folks who to the nightly meetings would stay (to hear God’s Holy Word that is)…

The Pastor to Be and the Worker of Holy Writ,

Off to the gym to meet their friend for some exercise they went.

But not without realizing a change of clothes the Pastor would need.

So they made a call, for if the Stylist was at home, they wanted to see.

Perhaps he could bring some extra clothes for the pastor.

If they didn’t have to drive home and then back, it would let them get to the gym a lot faster.


So phoning the Stylist the Pastor asked: “Could you lend a favor and bring some extra clothes for me…”

“A pair of shorts, or perhaps some jeans?”

“Yes I can,” said the Stylist to the Pastor.

“I’ll meet you there and work out we will, us three.”

Now it just so happened that the jeans were a Lucky brand.

Afterward…the Stylist thought, “this should be fun to tease the Pastor in sport!

So to Selina and her friends…

The story of Lucky Jeans, did he report.


Boy did they have fun!

And never did they forget, even after the meetings were done.

In fact, as a commemorative of the event, a box of Lucky Charms  signed by the group and Selina, was the Pastor granted.

Perhaps it was here that the seed of love was first sown…

And not until nearly two years after, would the sprout appear from seed it had grown.


Back at home, in Michigan now,

The pastor sat down and wondered how…

How can I show my appreciation for this great group of friends?

I know!  I’ll write a letter that I can send.

To The Lucky Bunch-Filipe, Brooke, Selina, Lexa, Tash, Robbie, and Sung Hoon will I share.

In the letter, the Preacher mentioned something special about everyone with care.

But when he wrote about Selina,

There was something a bit deeper there.

So off in the mail the letter was sent,

And the remaining days, in eager anticipation were spent.

Most  of the Lucky Bunch responded to the letter

Whether by email or Facebook or even a call.

But nothing from Selina…No, nothing at all!

So a year and a half  later, give or take, from that date

The Pastor to Be of our story did graduate.


At long last a Pastor he became.

No longer a Pastor to Be was his name.

To Pastor in Newfoundland he did go.

That Selina would respond to that letter still… little did he know.


It was a lonely several months up there…

With a new church, new people, new country, a chilly atmosphere…

And with no companion in sight!

But alas!  Then a friend from Pennsylvania, far away…

Called up the Pastor and wanted to chat and pray.

“Brother, I want to pray that God will send you a wife!”

“And may you meet her this year 2010 at GYC!”

“Ahh, I don’t know…if we should add the latter” Replied the Pastor.

“But God is big and great, so lets pray and filled with faith we shall be!”


A few days later, getting ready for conference and the flight.

Checking his email, one from Selina caught his sight.

Could this be the Fijian princess from back so long?

Open the email and lets find out!


His heart was excited and new feelings started to arise!


So from then on did the contacts between them grow.

Where this would lead, neither did know.

Then in the Spring of 2011, a trip was planned.

Back to Virginia, where it all began.


When they saw each other for the first time in so long.

It was as if they had somehow entered a song.

And on the air they did softly flow.

Whisking here and there, with their hearts all aglow.

With a growing sense of love and awareness that is.

Awareness that God was up to something grand.

At a time and in a place where they least expected to see His hand.


Since that time several things have come to pass.

And we now shift in our story to the present from the past.

Selina and I wanted our relationship in eternity to be.

We also wanted to graft our family trees.

So taking a graft from hers and from mine…

With God’s help, we’ll each be grafted into the Vine.


Connected to the Vine of Christ, we shall live.

Our hearts following Him and to each other we give…

Continually growing love.

So, this story we hope you were able to understand.

I know some of it was obscure, but hopefully not too bland!

And plus, I’m not a poet, so forgive the mistakes!


At our wedding in Virginia, hopefully more you can take.

For it is there more of ourselves  will we share.

With our family and friends and those for whom we care.

So join us this April in Rapidan.

Bring lots of smiles and cheer, if you can.


We love you all!

Eric & Selina

  • Anonymous

    Awwww!! I love you guys!

    • lucyschaefer

      Aman, you are too funny! I hope you are doing Ok with everything there in FL. Too bad we couldn’t have met up while we were there, but we look forward to seeing you in April. :)

      • Anonymous

        Haha! Ok!

  • Daniel791

    Cant wait to see you guys!

    • Lucyschaefer82

      Daniel, I’m more excited to see you and Isabel ….. soon and very very soon!!! :)

  • Filipeferreira2008

    Smiles indeed we shall bring! But happiness you both already ring! Love to the husband and wife to BE!

    • Lucyschaefer82

      Filipe and Brooke, you make us laugh with your little rhymes. We miss and love you both. :)

  • Goblebb

    What a wonderful story and full with such surprises the Lord is wonderful and watches over us all the time.  Sorry we woun’t be able to hear the other stories at the wedding.  We still talk to grandpa and grandma every Friday night .  Then we see them on Sabbath also.
    Bill & Barb Goble

  • Goblebb Bill & Barb

    Grandma and Grandpa Ollilia came down and they read your story today they really liked it

  • Scott & Heather Bennett

    Thinking of you two today! This is going to be one awesome day with some forever memories being created! Enjoy it and have fun!